About Venius Adams

A transplant resident of Los Angeles by way of Chicago, Venius Adams provides a refreshing new look to a fashion classic; the TURBAN. Combining conventional Midwestern style with a West Coast way of life that includes love of sun, relaxation, and fun in every stitch, her line of hair accessories is truly making waves in the fashion industry as a hot new staple in the fashion world of accessories. As fashion fanatic, she often envisions her designs during her yoga sessions on the beaches of Malibu, making every design inspired by tranquility and serenity from the land in which she dwells.

Her belief that every woman is a born a goddess, prompted her fashion forward outlook on life to create a product that promotes that inner goddess daily, even on a bad hair day (one can still express individual style). As a result, Venius collection of hair accessories has been created as an option for ladies looking to find A Chic Solution To A Bad Hair Day! But humble beginnings have a way of transforming into so much more. Today, the Collection has taken on a journey of its own now being represented full force in the Yoga Community, as well as the Cancer Community as a stylish accessory made to assist our women in their Spiritual journey of transformation across the country. In addition, Venius Hair accessories also has grown to include a selection for men, providing a handsome and stylish alternative to the traditional baseball cap. 

With Venius, her life’s mission is to design accessories for women that place their inner goddess on display for the world to see. Motivating women to achieve wonders around the world while looking fabulous, a task she strives to achieve daily. Her love goes into every product with a degree of sincerity seldom seen in today’s fashion world. The Venius brand truly believes in the inner beauty of all people.

Inspire. Rejuvenate. Breath. Relax. Refresh. Love. Release. Restore.